Friday, June 24, 2011



numbered edition of 25

Why so grouchy?...

...because I have crab claws...not real is a major hassle.

That has got to sting...

Final product

Hello World...

In the tradition of great city destroying beasts like Godzilla and Mothra, my fertile brainbox gave birth to this grouchy character. He seems pretty choked... Maybe his bubble tea order was messed up? Or Maybe he is just misunderstood? Anyway...

This is a limited edition of 25 handcrafted, signed and numbered screen prints. They are printed on Stonehenge, pure white, 240 gsm, 100% acid free, neutral ph, cotton rag art paper using non-toxic, acryllic ink. Paper dimensions are 18"x22". Image is 14.25"x 18.25". For you good people they are available for $20.00 each plus shipping. If you are local, I'll drop it off to save you some dough(now that is service!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vancouver 125! @

I recently had the good fortune to be asked to contribute a t-shirt design for an art show / tee show put on by in Gastown. The show was initiated to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Vancouver's incorporation as a city! It was super fun to be a part of! Many thanks to the folks at for putting on a great show, and printing some great shirts. Thanks also to the other artists who participated (awesome work people). If you feel the need to clothe yourself in an old-timey looking, short sleeved garment with a fancy picture of William Cornelius Van Horne on it (the CPR man responsible for making Vancouver the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway)...head on over to located at 227 Abbot Street in Gastown. Or...check em out at