Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Print Sale $20 a print!

!Holiday Print Sale!
Just a headsup…if you are interested in purchasing artwork for holiday gifts…I’ve got the goods. See attached image for selection. $20 gets you a fancy piece of artwork, screenprinted by hand…by this guy! 

Text me @ 604 836 6051 or email me at to arrange for pick up...or if we are lucky enough to be co-workers...hit me up at the studio, and we can work out the details.Cash & Carry Baby! Happy Holidays!

-Prints are printed on old timey looking chipboard (heavy cardboard)
-paper size is 14”x14” (image size is 11”x11”)
-prints have been designed and printed to fit perfectly in IKEA ribba frame with matte (framing ain’t cheap…so this will keep your costs down)
-all prints are signed and numbered but are part of an open edition…that means I’ll be printing more eventually…but these low numbers will be worth SOOO much more when I’m dead…lol.